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What Types of Southwest Construction Projects can Construction Reports Find Bids for?

For many general contractors and subcontractors in the Southwest construction trade, it’s the private bid opportunities that really make a difference when it comes to success in the field.  In the past, private bid listings were expensive and unreliable.  Now there is a cost-effective way for construction businesses and contractors to receive private bid listings that have been researched through a team of reporters, who have established close relationships with the owners, architects and property managers in the Arizona construction community.

The private bid listings, in addition to a user-friendly, online interface assists general contractors, subcontractors and even sales teams to browse and manage listings that they are interested in pursuing.  This is a great way to be provided with listings that other companies will not have and receive these leads at an affordable price.

What Types of Construction Projects are Available?

The service lists a wide variety of construction projects that contractors can receive leads for and consider bidding on:

Government Bid Construction:  The service lists all public DOT projects bidding in Arizona. This also includes hard-to-find private road projects and the city, municipal and county road construction jobs such as: road, highway, street, sidewalk, curbs and striping projects.

Local Government Bid:  Local government bid projects include many lucrative opportunities including construction plans and specs. Even addenda are usually available for all of these projects.

School Construction: Arizona has been experiencing a rise in the need for more public schools but it’s more than just the public sector; private schools are in demand too in addition to colleges, prep, trade and nursing schools.  These facilities are being built using construction bid processes such as CMAR, which are privately negotiated and publicly bid on.

Government Construction: The government funds hundreds of projects a year.  A service that supplies bid leads works to the advantage of members, who learn about these opportunities before their competitors.

Office Buildings: The economy in Arizona experiencing a boom and this translates into more buildings for business being built within the local community.  This includes bids for a wide variety of construction projects such as: office renovations, tenant improvements, build outs and facility improvement jobs.

How do I Receive a Construction Leads Free Trial at Construction Reports?

It’s understandable that in a competitive industry, many contractors, companies and sales teams do not want to make an investment, until they are convinced of the value of the service.  Construction Reports is a business that wants to show their members first hand, the benefits of membership before making a commitment.  Listings on Construction Reports can be browsed for free at any time, and a trial membership is always encouraged.  Signing up for a free membership allows access to the entire platform that is used to organize and manage bid leads.  This way, potential customers can use the opportunity to learn this intuitive system, and recognize the true value of partnering with Construction Reports.

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