What Information is Included in a Bid Package?

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Bid packages can be used in a number of industries, including business, IT systems and telecommunications. But the most common industry where bid packages are used is construction. Basically, a bid package is a portfolio of all the documents needed to take part in an invitation bid. Those who will be bidding on the project can look at the bid package and determine if they fit the criteria. Bidders will need to meet the skills and qualifications listed, be able to complete the project on time and stay within the specified budget.

It’s important that bid packages are as honest and accurate as possible. It doesn’t do anyone involved any favors when numbers are modified to look more attractive in the bid package. Furthermore, if these numbers aren’t reflected properly, it could cause the construction firm to cut corners on materials and craftsmanship to meet the numbers. Bid packages take time and effort to complete, and the project manager needs to ask themselves, “How am I going to build this home from a realistic standpoint?”

As a bidder, you can expect the following types of documents in a bid package:

–      Blueprints

–      Project plans

–      Synopsis of the project

–      Breakdown of pricing

–      Detailed specifications

–      Quantity of materials

–      Sketches and drawings

–      Timelines for completion

–      Background information

–      Contact information

–      Information about potential delays

Essentially, everything that pertains to the project and can help bidders make an informed decision is included in the bid package. If a bid package is found to be incomplete or inaccurate, the entity responsible for submitting the bid will be denied the opportunity of participating in further bids.

That’s why as a bidder, you can increase your chances of getting steady work by being a member of a company that provides complete bid lists for you, such as Construction Reports. You have access to high-quality, private and public leads that have complete bidding packages for you to review. Success in the construction industry is based on finding steady work and establishing strong rapports with industry contacts.


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