Top 5 Most Helpful Tools Out On The Construction Site

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If you’ve ever attempted your own construction project, you’ll be familiar with the various tools that it takes to start a project, let alone finish one. The tools you will require will also depend on what part of your construction project you are working on.

Construction sites are often a tool-lovers heaven, with almost every tool imaginable being within easy access. That’s because to construct a house, for example, a variety of equipment and tools are required. This includes large digging tools, in the form of machinery, to simple smaller tool like measuring tapes. With so many tool possibilities, here are the most common five that you will find on the construction site.


Excavation is often the first step in building a new home. If you visit a new construction site, you will likely encounter people with shovels digging holes and marking off areas. Although machinery will eventually be used, the shovel is the most traditional excavator.

Measuring tape

Every home should have one of these, even if it’s only for simple home repairs. One of the first tools you will see on a construction worker is a measuring tape clipped to his belt.

Power tools

Any construction site will be littered with a wide range of power tools, each designed for a different purpose. Look around and you will surely spot tools, such as compressors, power saws and power drills, not to mention nail guns.

Cutting tools

Today’s modern construction sites require a variety of tools for cutting. Imagine showing up on site with only a shape knife, or a hand held saw. These items, although useful, will not get you far. Helpful construction cutting tools will include band saws, scroll saws and hand saws, as well as utility knife and tin snips.


One of the simplest tools around, the wheelbarrow has proven to be useful for most any task. They are used on construction sites to move large loads of debris, to collect and store parts and tools, to mix gravel and cement, as well as for rubbish removal.

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