Safety First: Arizona Safety Regulations

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Companies, such as Arizona Construction Reports, make it easy for contractors to keep in touch with what’s going on in the construction industry. Not only do they have the most currently listing of projects, they are also on top when it comes to the state’s construction safety regulations.

The state of Arizona has had a state plan in place since 1970. The Occupational Safety and Health Act has been revised and updated over the years, with the final revisions approved and published in June of 1985. The state plan is administered by the Industrial Commission of Arizona (ICA) and is responsible for both enforcement of the plan, as well as voluntary compliance.

The Arizona State Plan applies to almost all private and public sectors of places of employment, including the construction industry. Safety regulations are generally conducted via unannounced inspections of the workplace. This is done to ensure that workers are complying with the Occupational Safety and Health Act. These unannounced inspections can be the result of a complaint, a work-related accident, or a referral. Inspections can also be planned as follow-ups.

Construction companies, as with all companies in Arizona, are able to participate in voluntary and cooperative programs such as the Safety and Health Achievement Recognition Program, as well as the Voluntary Protection Program. Other places for training include the Arizona Consultation and Training Section, which provides assistance to employers through on-site health and safety surveys.

These informative surveys are an efficient way to determine any hazardous working conditions, industrial hygiene issues, program evaluations and information training. The state of Arizona takes it health and safety regulations very seriously, as a way to protect all contractors. For information on Arizona construction projects, don’t hesitate to contact Construction Reports. They offer 24-hour service.

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