Private Projects

More Private project leads than anyone else, period.

  • Private bidding information is our core business and nobody does it better than us. We also provide complete and accurate information for publicly bidding projects including, municipal, school districts, DOT, Indian, and federal construction projects.
  • What are “private” bids? Any commercial construction project that is not publicly funded.
    • Retail, Hospitals, Hotels, Apartments, Condo’s, Strip Malls, Factories…
    • Tenant improvements, Multi-use Developments, Office, Industrial and other uses
  • What are the benefits of private projects? For General Contractors there are many benefits including, a limited number of bidders, negotiate directly with the owner, the ability to sell your value added services, and the ability to create a long-term relationship with owners and architects.  For Subcontractors the benefits include, a limited number of GC’s which creates a greater chance to win the project, the ability to network with new GC’s, and more opportunities beyond the publicly bid projects.


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Headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona we have an intense drive to cover our home state like no other construction project lead provider.  We strive every day to publish more private and public project bidding information that will keep our friends and neighbors working in the state.

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