Private vs. Public Construction Projects

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At Construction Reports, we provide reports on both private and public construction projects; although our specialty is in regards to private, hard-to-find construction jobs. Using our service gives construction firms the edge in the marketplace. But what exactly is the difference between private and public construction projects and is one better than the other?

Private vs. Public

Private construction projects are those that are owned by a private person, whereas public construction projects are owned by the federal government. When a project is owned by the government, it follows the rules detailed in the Miller Act. These rules will vary according by state when the government leading the project is the state government.

Private projects, on the other hand, are lead by private individuals and will have their own set of rules and requirements. Sometimes the area can be grayed because of nonprofit agencies that look like they may be owned by the government, but in fact, they’re private entities.

Making Profitable Decisions

Both types of construction projects have their advantages, which is why many construction firms bid on both types of projects. For some companies, one or the other may be a good fit, which is where a company like Construction Reports comes into play. We provide the necessary information on both private and public projects so that construction firms can make the best choices for their company.

For most construction firms, choosing between private and public projects isn’t the issue; it’s what projects are going to most profitable. Privately owned projects can often be more lucrative than public ones, and they may have fewer bids, giving small construction firms a better chance at getting the job. However, with government finding going to public projects as part of new stimulus efforts, these government-owned jobs are becoming more plentiful for today’s construction companies.

At Construction Reports, you’ll find a good balance of construction projects, most between $250,000 and $50,000,000 in value. Reports are updated regularly and include all valuable information so that you can determine if the job is right for you.

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