November Customer Showcase: Sound Resolution Specialist

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Todd Siekierski has been a loyal customer for nearly three and a half years. As the owner of Sound Resolution Specialist, a small company that focuses on custom acoustical fabric walls and ceiling installation, Siekierski handles the day-to-day operations for his business. “I wear many hats, from project management to supply procurement,” he says. “We’re a unique specialty.”

Sound Resolution Specialist has been in business for 17 years, and the company boasts a small but powerful task force that drives its unique quality. In fact, Siekierski credits his five employees as the backbone to Sound Resolution Specialist. “I have a great installation crew,” he says. “[They’re] top notch. We’re a small company…but we’ve got a good system, and we’re diligent about getting our work done on time.”

The company has worked with several high-profile clients in the past, including some of the major local universities like Northern Arizona University, University of Arizona, and Arizona State University. Having recently completed projects for Wells Fargo and American Express, Siekierski and his crew are currently working with Harley Davidson and Grand Canyon University. Although nearly 70% of Siekierski’s business focuses on commercial projects, some of which can be found at, he says that the other 30% works on projects within the residential setting.

“On the residential side, as well as commercial side, we’ve met some unique people over the years,” he says. “Some [are] very down-to-earth, genuine, neat individuals, and that’s always fun to get involved in.”

Although Siekierski does not currently have any major plans for expanding Sound Resolution Specialist, he is very happy with where the company is. He says that his team handles their acoustical wall and ceiling specialty very well, and they have had the opportunity to work on some unique projects that not everyone can do.

“People still build with their eyes, not with their ears,” he says. “They don’t realize how much that affects worker productivity or the ambiance of the room, whether it be a restaurant or an office building or even a home.” Sound Resolution Specialist aims to rectify those problems within a construction project that others may have overlooked.

Outside of his work, Siekierski stays busy raising his daughter. To find projects similar to those that Siekierski and his crew work on, visit or call 480-994-0020.

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