How to Prepare a Winning Construction Bid

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Cost is often the most predicting factor for a winning bid, as it’s generally the lowest bidder who wins the job. But this isn’t necessarily true in every case, and more construction firms are having to bring more to the table than just a low bid. They also need to have the necessary skills and experience to successfully complete the construction project as well as good rapports with other construction contacts.

When reviewing bids, make sure that your company has the necessary experience, tradespeople and laborers. If the construction job is part of an existing project, check out the project so far and get a better understanding for what it will entail. Being honest with what your firm can do is the best approach, even if you’re desperate for the job. However, this will only make things more challenging down the road, so make sure you’re able to complete the project with the money, materials and timeframe that you’re agreeing to.

Also determine if there is a pre-bid conference being held. This will allow you to meet with key individuals and ask questions, including what other construction bidders are planning to bid on the project. When all the information has been collected, sit down and write up the first draft of the construction bid. You should detail how you understand all aspects of the project and will meet these expectations in the best way possible. Unless there is some type of notification that the lowest bid will be accepted, continue to focus on your skills, past work and unique qualities you’ll bring to the project.

You will also need to calculate your cost for labor and materials, making sure that you are in compliance with the laws and regulations for public projects. If you’ve worked on government projects in the past, report this information in your bid to show that you have been given government bids in the past. Finally, research bond requirements, as bonds refer to insurance that guarantees your work. This shows that you have every intention of fulfilling the project on time.

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