How Simple Technology Makes Construction Greener

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Going green is a slow but sure process. The concept of building green is definitely catching on.  Just ask Arizona Construction Reports.

With the increase in green awareness, more and more builders are relying on devices to reduce their construction time. If you think about it, the number of people normally required for one day in the home building process is vast. If you’ve ever built a home, you may recall all of the supervisors, subcontractors, inspectors and delivery trucks arriving on site. Now, consider the pollution, general car exhaust and consumed fuel each and every day these people visit a home.

Simple things we take for granted are some of the devices that are being utilized to help reduce this impact. Construction companies are now relying more and more on mobile devices to keep them up to date. Instead of driving to a job site, they communicate between the suppliers, trades, subs, field and home office with mobile phones and radios.

Instead of driving around looking for updates, construction companies are able to dramatically reduce their carbon footprint, by reducing construction time. Recent studies have concluded that companies who utilize mobile devices can cut between 10% and 30% of their construction cycle time. This means a huge environmental impact.

While construction companies keep in touch with mobile devices, they are also able to cut paper usage as well. Current technology and mobile applications allow construction companies to transmit specifications and plans on a portal, or via e-mail. Purchase orders are also made using PDFs, as more and more software companies create paperless workflow processes.

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