Fry’s Fuel Center # 694 – Phoenix, AZ

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Project Description
Square Feet 124,070
Description New fuel center with a pre-manufactured kiosk, canopy, 9 fuel dispensers and 2 underground fuel tanks.
Division 2 Aggregate; Asphalt paving; Asphaltic concrete; Base course; Curbs and gutters; Demolition; Dewatering; Drainage and containment; Earthwork; Excavating; backfilling and compacting; Fences and gates; Grading; Irrigation systems; Landscaping; Pavement markings; Planting; Sanitary sewerage; Sidewalks; Site preparation; Storm drainage; Utilities; Water distribution
Division 3 Cast-in-place concrete; Concrete finishing; Concrete forming; Concrete reinforcing; Flyash admixture
Division 4 Concrete masonry units; Masonry anchors and reinforcing; Masonry cleaning; Mortar and grout
Division 5 Metal fabrications; Steel pipe; Steel shapes and plates
Division 6 Finish carpentry; Rough carpentry
Division 7 Building insulation; Flashing and sheetmetal; Gutters and downspouts; Joint sealants
Division 8 Aluminum framed entrances and storefronts; Glass; Glazing; Hardware; Hollow metal doors and frames; Windows; Wood doors
Division 9 Ceilings; Gypsum board; Metal stud framing system; Paint; Stucco; Tile setting materials and accessories
Division 10 Canopies or Protective Covers; Fire extinguishers and cabinets; Signage
Division 13 Instruments
Division 15 Air distribution; Basic mechanical materials and methods; Common motor requirements for HVAC equipment; Common motor requirements for plumbing equipment; Diffusers; registers and grilles; Duct; equipment and pipe insulation; Facility storm drainage piping; Fans; Hangers and supports; HVAC equipment; HVAC instrumentation and controls; Mechanical; Pipes and tubes; Plumbing; Plumbing fixtures and equipment; Plumbing insulation; Testing; adjusting and balancing; Valves
Division 16 Accessories; Basic electrical materials and methods; Circuit breakers; disconnect switches and fuses; Common work results for electrical; Conductors and cables; Conduit; wireways and accessories; Electrical identification; Fire alarm / smoke detector system; Fuses; Generator assemblies; Grounding and bonding; Hangers and supports; Lighting; Lighting control devices; Low voltage transformers; Panelboards; Raceway and boxes; Service and distribution; Switchboards; panelboards and control centers; Wiring connections; Wiring devices; Wiring methods

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