Frequently Asked Questions – ConstructionReports.com

Why is ConstructionReports.com better or different from other project leads companies?

ConstructionReports.com is family owned and operated. The family is intensely focused on providing an extensive database of construction projects with highly accurate and timely information.  The Blaicher family founded what became the third largest construction reporting service in the U.S. over 35 years ago.  Their former company was sold in 2004 and is operated by its new owners.  Developments in new technology and the belief that an independently owned construction reporting business can provide better value and service inspired them to start ConstructonReports.com in Arizona.

Does ConstructionReports.com report on private and public projects?

Yes, ConstructionReports.com reports on both public and private construction projects in Arizona.  The company has a special focus on private hard to find projects that can often be more profitable for contractors.

Does ConstructionReports.com offer a free trial?

Yes, ConstructionReports.com offers a free-trial.  Potential members will get a good feel for the product and see how beneficial a membership will be for their business.   Because of bidding cycles and continuous updates to the database it typically  takes our members 3 months to begin to see the full benefits of the service. But if you proactively use the project information and contacts we provide you with, you will get a whole lot out of using our service.

Am I required to subscribe to the full State of Arizona or can I buy regional project bidding coverage?

Our Membership coverage areas include: Phoenix Metro (Includes Maricopa & Pinal), Tucson Metro (includes Pima, Cochise & Santa Cruz) and All of Arizona.

How does ConstructionReports.com insure that the information is accurate and timely?

First, we have a dedicated staff of reporters who have specific responsibilities to cover well defined segments or our reporting portfolio.  There is responsibility and accountability.  Second, we have exceptional people who have built strong relationships with local and national developers, owners, municipalities, state government and construction professionals who provide information.  Third, we utilize technology to gather construction information that is published on the Internet.  Finally, we verify every project and detail before we publicize the report.  No service is perfect but we think we’re darn good.

What membership terms does ConstructionReports.com offer?

We sell an Annual membership with several payment options that meet your budget.  Prepaid annual membership are given additional time to the subscription term.

What construction specialties can benefit most from your construction project reporting service?

All construction companies and construction related product and service providers can benefit from a ConstructionReports.com membership.  The only qualifier is that ConstructionReport.com specializes in providing project reports on private commercial and public building.  We don’t cover single family residential construction.

Other than knowing what construction projects are being built in my area what else can I gain from being a member?

Industry knowledge is a huge side benefit from being a member.  You will know not only what is being built but who is building it.  This information will tell you who is active in the area and what prices they are bidding on project.  ConstructionReports.com will give you an excellent understanding of what is happening in your market so you can build relationships with the right people and plan for the future.

Can I follow specific projects and receive alerts if something changes on a project I am following?

Yes, you can follow specific projects if they are part of your saved search criteria and we will email you a daily or weekly alert when we make changes these reports.  It’s quick and simple to set this up on our system.

Does ConstructionReports.com information on residential projects?

We will report on very large residential multi-unit projects.  However, we will not report on general single family home developments.

What kind of training does ConstructonReports.com to help members hone in on the best project leads?

Every member is offered a one on one orientation with the product.  We will help you set-up some core saved searches and learn how to navigate the system.  We do this training during a scheduled appointment that is convenient for you.  In addition, you can call anytime with questions if you’re having trouble.  We will connect you with a real live human being that will help you maximize the value you get from your membership.

How frequently does ConstructionReports.com update the construction project database?

The ConstructionReports.com database is updated continuously during the day.  As we receive new information and verify the content we post the data to the database.  Once we post the data our members see it instantly.

Does ConstructionReports have minimum project estimated cost or project size?

Members will find a wide assortment of projects in the database.  Our focus is on public and private commercial construction with size and scope that will meet the needs of all our members. We typically find projects with an estimated value over $25,000. Most of our projects are between $250,000 and $50,000,000 although there are several above $50,000,000 in estimated value.

What if I can’t find what I am looking for in the database?

If you can’t find a specific project you are looking for in the database or if you wish to clarify any information in the system you are welcome to call our editorial staff.  We will connect you with an editorial person who can help you.

What information is contained in a typical ConstructionReports.com project report?

You can count on all the pertinent information needed for the report to be valuable and actionable.  You will set the date, specifications, locations and key companies and people you need to determine if the job is right for you and who to contact.

Where are your construction project reporters, salespeople and management team headquartered?

Our headquarters are in Scottsdale and most of our team members are housed in the Scottsdale office.  We do have a few staff members who work from remote locations.

I see the term editorial staff, what does that mean and what do they do?

Our editorial staff gathers all the construction project information.  This is a reference that is a holdover from when construction data was actually printed in specialized newspapers.   The term persisted today even though the industry has moved to online distribution.