Choosing a Site for Sustainable Development

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Sustainable development is a familiar term in the construction industry, and in order to be relevant in today’s world, construction firms need to start offering sustainable construction for its clients. Naturally, this starts from the ground up. But how exactly do you find a site that is favorable to sustainable development?

Consider the Long-Term Picture

First off, you need to always look at the long-term picture. Many builders are quick to erect a subdivision or workplace without giving thought to how the natural habitat will affect the development in 5, 10 or 20 years. So when looking at a site for future development, consider the impending geographical and environmental landscape of the area. For example, how could potential pollution, water use and drainage affect the neighborhood in the future?

Consult a Local Environmental Group for Hidden Obstacles

Since there could be hidden environmental issues affecting the land, builders can consult with a local environmental group. If building in a rural area for example, there could be protected species on or near the site. Not only could this become an issue for future residents, but builders must also consider how they plan to keep these plants and mammals protected during the construction phase of the project. In these cases, extra soil often needs to be brought in during construction, which could end up changing the site’s ecosystem.

Assess the Impacts of Water Usage

Other factors to consider include how much light and sun is available at the building site. This is important throughout all hours of the day, not just during the daytime. Also consider how water will affect the site, if the soil holds water or drains it and what type of impact household water usage will have on the area. Finally, what types of amenities are accessible? Are there roadways, transportation and local services that can be reached by foot instead of by car?

Choosing a sustainable lot to build a home, business or entire neighborhood isn’t always easy, but it’s something that should be considered, especially for builders who want to focus on green building practices. The more we consider both the short- and long-term impacts of building, construction firms can consciously choose the best sites for new development.

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