Why we started an Arizona construction lead service

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Just a quick history of who we are and where we came from. Fred Blaicher started Philadelphia Construction News in 1977 after several years with one of the oldest construction new provider. He saw a need for superior local coverage in a city that lacked a dedicated construction news service. Low and behold his instincts were correct and within a few short years PCN, as it was and still is known, became the market leader. Over a 30 year career, Fred built PCN into a large multi-regional construction lead service with coverage from Maine to Florida, Texas and California. In 2004 he sold the business and enjoyed retirement for a number of years. In late 2009 he got the urge to get back into the business, and with the help of his son, Brad, started ConstructionReports.com, Inc.

The idea was simple, provide a locally based construction lead service for Arizona contractors. On February 22, 2010 the business began with six newly hired local reporters who were trained by Fred’s daughter Merrill. As you can see this a family business and it runs through the Blaicher family’s veins.

After a year in operation the business has grown steadily and has been received very well by the commercial contractors in Arizona. Our dedication to providing the best local has not changed in 35 years. We look forward to serving the Arizona market for many years to come.


Brad Blaicher, General Manager

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