Project Bids for any Trade

How to Secure Arizona Construction Projects for any Trade with Construction Reports

From privately listed projects to large-scale, ground-up construction jobs, businesses in Arizona benefit from a service that lists bids on an easy to use platform.  This tool gives a variety of trades the edge in their industry.  Arizona construction projects are available to a number of trades including:

Trades and Subcontractors

Project Bids for specialty trades and subcontractors can better their business, with bids on Southwest construction projects. This is achieved by finding new contractors to network with, obtaining valuable information on construction leads, gaining access to a complete public access bidding calendar and more.

By using Construction Reports, trades and subcontractors can organize and manage their bids from an easy to use platform.  This includes daily email updates and reminders about bids of interest.

Construction Managers

Construction managers face a lot of challenges but a bid report system works to make their role easier and more profitable by:

  • Establishing networks between owners, developers and architects.
  • Online planning sections allow an early entry into the construction project.
  • Watch the competition in the construction market.
  • Find and win more bids on construction projects in Arizona.

One of the main benefits of Construction Reports is that the service employs skilled and resourceful reporters that have established relationships with architects and property developers in the area, and become informed of bid leads before anyone else.  This helps construction managers and general contractors stay ahead of the competition and assists with the growth of their business.


Our Project Bid Information Benefits Construction Equipment and Materials Suppliers
Project Bid Information can drive sales are competitive and speed is the key to identifying where a construction site needs products.  Grow your business and increase construction leads by:

  • Finding construction projects that suit your products and services.
  • Get quotes out to more general contractors and construction managers.
  • Ensure your products and services are seen more frequently than the competition’s.

With this online tool, the platform can be used to surpass sales quotas and work toward the sales industry’s unlimited potential.

Construction Reports offers free trials so that sales representatives, wholesalers and suppliers can experience the true value of the service before making a commitment.

Benefit from Construction Report’s Open Door Policy

Project bid information can create questions so we are available to answer your questions. Construction Reports provides more than just their business enhancing online platform.  The open door policy means that businesses receive direct access to the project reporters.  Members are encouraged to call or email anytime and are guaranteed an immediate response. This establishes Construction Reports as an ally for your business and a partner to call upon to ensure the success of your trade. The reporters help customers find the information and leads they want, as soon as they need to obtain new contracts for construction projects.

Signing up to Construction Reports gives members more than a user name and online access, they receive a portal into Arizona’s most knowledgeable reporters of construction project leads, and familiar and friendly live-representatives to help pave the way.

Construction Reports provides bid leads for Construction project bid information to all trades within the construction industry.  For more information about our project bids visit,