Acoustical Insulation On The Rise – By: Joanna Brathwaite

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The core and shell are complete. The landscaping is done and now we have only to design the inside of the building. We can either have the space resemble living in a metal pot or feel like we are actually in a quiet environment. As a business professional you are most likely paying no mind to the fact that the sound in the room isn’t deafening and are unaware of why that is the case.

Construction is a funny concept. There is so much that goes into creating the ambiance of a space even down to the minute details like sound and acoustics. In the construction industry we seem to add more value to the main trades such as sitework, mechanical, and plumbing. Albeit important, this niche market keeps the sound in check, excuse the pun. Because this is something not privy to the naked eye, it is even more essential to every building, home theater, club, etc.

We live in a noisy world and are constantly yearning for peace and quiet in both commercial and private buildings. To remedy this ongoing problem, the need for sound insulation engineers is rapidly growing. Although foam panels such as POLYDAMP®Acoustical Foam (PAFS) are generally the materials used, there are newer more eco-friendly materials developed on a continuous basis. Examples include insulation made of shredded paper, soybean foam, and modified fiberglass. Growing awareness over health issues in warehouses and industrial plants are also resulting in the increase use of insulation materials where decibel levels are quite high.

You may be thinking this market is too niche to be a profitable career, but that is far from the truth. According to Global Industry Analysts, Inc., “[t]he global market for insulation is projected to reach $44 billion USD by 2020, driven by the growing need for thermal and acoustic insulation in housing and commercial buildings.” If this projection is true, then soon this market will no longer be considered niche, but will be viewed as the MVP in construction. Insulation is a simple and cost effective way to reduce energy use, save consumers 12 quadrillion BTU’s annually, and creates more comfort in public and private environments.

Hopefully when you walk into your office, neighborhood coffee shop, or simply in your home, you’ll have a new appreciation for sound insulation and the welcoming peace and quiet now available to you. The construction industry is changing and becoming more energy efficient and eco-friendly. As we grow and become more aware of the materials the earth and recycled materials give to us, let’s give more credit to the “little guys” that make our homes and business a little more comfortable and a little less loud.

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